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Antibiotic tolerance facilitates the evolution of resistance 

Irit Levin-Reisman, Irine Ronin, Orit Gefen, Ilan Braniss,Noam Shoresh, Nathalie Q. Balaban

Science 355, 826-830


TDtest: easy detection of bacterial tolerance and persistence in clinical isolates by a modified disk-diffusion assayt: easy detection of bacterial tolerance and persistence in clinical isolates by a modified disk-diffusion assay Orit Gefen, Betty Chekol, Jacob Strehilevitch and Nathalie Q Balaban 
Scientific Reports 7, Article number 41284

Asher Brauner, Ofer Fridman, Orit Gefen, Nathalie Q Balaban
Nature Reviews Microbiology 14, 320-330
Lineage correlations of single cell division time as a probe of cell-cycle dynamics.
Oded Sandler,Sivan Pearl Mizrahi,Noga Weiss,Oded Agam,Itamar Simon& Nathalie Q. Balaban
Nature 519, 468–471


Systematic identification and quantification of phase variation in commensal and pathogenic Escherichia coli
A Goldberg, O Fridman, I Ronin, NQ Balaban
Genome medicine 6 (11), 1-11


Optimization of lag time underlies antibiotic tolerance in evolved bacterial populations
O Fridman, A Goldberg, I Ronin, N Shoresh, NQ Balaban
Nature 513 (7518), 418-421


Direct observation of single stationary-phase bacteria reveals a surprisingly long period of constant protein production activity
O Gefen, O Fridman, I Ronin, NQ Balaban
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1), 556-561


HipA-mediated antibiotic persistence via phosphorylation of the glutamyl-tRNA-synthetase
I Kaspy, E Rotem, N Weiss, I Ronin, NQ Balaban, G Glaser
Nature communications 4


Stochasticity, Bistability and the Wisdom of Crowds: A Model for Associative Learning in Genetic Regulatory Networks
M Sorek, NQ Balaban, Y Loewenstein
PLoS computational biology 9 (8), e1003179


A problem of persistence: still more questions than answers?
NQ Balaban, K Gerdes, K Lewis, JD McKinney
Nature Reviews Microbiology 11 (8), 587-591


Persistence: mechanisms for triggering and enhancing phenotypic variability
NQ Balaban
Current opinion in genetics & development 21 (6), 768-775


Automated imaging with ScanLag reveals previously undetectable bacterial growth phenotypes
I Levin-Reisman, O Gefen, O Fridman, I Ronin, D Shwa, H Sheftel, ...
Nature methods 7 (9), 737-739


Regulation of phenotypic variability by a threshold-based mechanism underlies bacterial persistence
E Rotem, A Loinger, I Ronin, I Levin-Reisman, C Gabay, N Shoresh, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (28), 12541-12546


The importance of being persistent: heterogeneity of bacterial populations under antibiotic stress
O Gefen, NQ Balaban
FEMS microbiology reviews 33 (4), 704-717


The Moore's Law of microbiology–towards bacterial culture miniaturization with the micro-Petri chip
O Gefen, NQ Balaban
Trends in biotechnology 26 (7), 345-347


Nongenetic individuality in the host–phage interaction
S Pearl, C Gabay, R Kishony, A Oppenheim, NQ Balaban
PLoS biology 6 (5), e120


Single-cell protein induction dynamics reveals a period of vulnerability to antibiotics in persister bacteria
O Gefen, C Gabay, M Mumcuoglu, G Engel, NQ Balaban
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (16), 6145-6149


Szilard's dream
NQ Balaban
Nature methods 2 (9), 648


Bacterial persistence a model of survival in changing environments
E Kussell, R Kishony, NQ Balaban, S Leibler
Genetics 169 (4), 1807-1814


Bacterial persistence as a phenotypic switch
NQ Balaban, J Merrin, R Chait, L Kowalik, S Leibler
Science 305 (5690), 1622-1625


Force and focal adhesion assembly: a close relationship studied using elastic micropatterned substrates
NQ Balaban, US Schwarz, D Riveline, P Goichberg, G Tzur, I Sabanay, ...
Nature cell biology 3 (5), 466-472


Absence of scaling in the integer quantum Hall effect
NQ Balaban, U Meirav, I Bar-Joseph
Physical review letters 81 (22), 4967